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The HemperTech 6" Honeycomb Perc Tube is a water pipe designed for a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Here are the key features of this water pipe:

1. Height: The water pipe stands at 6 inches tall, providing a compact and portable design for convenient use and storage.

2. Honeycomb Perc: The main feature of this water pipe is the honeycomb percolator. The honeycomb perc is a type of diffusion mechanism with multiple small holes that create a honeycomb-like pattern. This design helps to break down and filter the smoke, providing a smoother and cooler hit.

3. Perc Tube: The water pipe is described as a "tube," indicating a straight and cylindrical design. The tube shape allows for a direct and straightforward smoking experience.

4. HemperTech Brand: The water pipe is part of the HemperTech brand, known for producing smoking accessories with a focus on technology and innovation.

5. Functionality: With the honeycomb perc, the water pipe is designed to enhance the filtration and diffusion of smoke, resulting in a cleaner and more enjoyable inhalation experience.

It's important to note that specific details such as the material used, additional features, and color variations might be available but are not provided in the given information. Additionally, ensure that you follow proper care and maintenance procedures to prolong the life of your water pipe and maintain its functionality. If available, refer to the product's care instructions for best practices.

Please check with the manufacturer or retailer for more detailed information about the HemperTech 6" Honeycomb Perc Tube, as product specifications can vary, and new releases may have occurred since my last knowledge update in January 2022.
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